Monday, 19 August 2013

Day 3 (& some really nice photos..)

In Trench 3, the stones to the SE were trowelled, to define them and to establish their extent.  At the opposite end of the trench, the volunteers started to excavate a section through the possible ditch fill.   Although initially there were plenty of finds from the topsoil, artefacts have become few and far between.

In Trench 4, the remainder of the 19th and 20th century debris that was filling the space between the two banks at the NW end of the trench was completely removed revealing a steep sided rock-cut feature approximately 80cm width. A thin skim of clay was found under the modern debris covering the bedrock surface. No artefact material was found in this layer but a few lumps or mortar material were found which may imply that a structural feature once stood in close proximity and has since been removed or robbed of stone for use elsewhere.

Excavated rock cut feature 

In Trench 5 the day was spent excavating the shattered stone deposit that was present across the trench.  This revealed a layer of light grey clay to the NE end of the trench.  This clay layer was associated with a small layer of burning, visible only in the section face.  This probably represents a period of occupation at Elagh.
Trench 5

Archaeologists and volunteers having a well deserved break

Thanks to our volunteers éilis, Gregory, John and Rebecca and thanks to Bettina for providing the photos.

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