Thursday, 15 August 2013

Day 1

Today was the first day of the volunteer-led excavation at Elagh. Three trenches have been opened, one on top of the rocky outcrop to the west of the upstanding masonry, another on the lower ground to the south-east and a third on the lower ground to the north. The first trench (Trench 4) is the most promising in terms of evidence for structural masonry. We have an area of large rounded stones which are associated with a deposit containing fragments of mortar. Further excavation will tell us more about this feature. Interesting finds from this trench have included a small brass handle and two sherds of 17th-century stoneware.

A view of Elagh castle and the rocky outcrop on which it sits

In the second trench (Trench 3) we are still excavating the plough-soil but 17th and 18th century artefacts have been turning up. 

In the third trench (Trench 5) we have what looks like a cobbled surface. Hopefully a good day's digging tomorrow will reveal some of Elagh castle's secrets.

Trench 4

And finally, a big thanks to all our enthusiastic volunteers - many hands make light work!

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