Friday, 16 August 2013

Day 2

It was a productive morning on site, with things starting to get quite interesting in the trenches. Unfortunately in the afternoon the rain set in and we were rained-off. In Trench 4 it still looks as if the large stones at the south-eastern end of the trench are structural, with occasional mortar now appearing between the stones. At the north-western end we appear to have two steeply-sloping banks constructed of highly compact earth and stone. Excavation of the fill between these features has unearthed a deep-filled rubbish pit containing 19th to 20th century detritus, probably used to rapidly fill the gully between the two banks. Amongst the artefacts recovered are the remains of a car door (!), some fine china, glass bottles from 'J. McAllister & Son of Ballymena' and a pair of old leather boots!

In the south-eastern end of Trench 3 there is a concentration of stones which may be the footings of a small building. Subsoil has been revealed in the middle of the trench and to the north-western extent there is a dark soil which may be the fill of a ditch. Tomorrow we are extending the trench, hoping to find the far side of this possible ditch.

Over in Trench 5 the cobbled surface has been removed revealing the underlying shattered bedrock surface.

It will be interesting to see what Friday brings. Let's hope the weather is better for digging!

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