Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The last day

Today was officially the last day. We finished the final recording and laid down terram so the site is ready for backfilling tomorrow morning. We were also visited by Dr Brian Lacey - the man who came to Derry to dig this site some 39 years ago and author of Siege city: the story of Derry and Londonderry [the site bible...].

Brian Lacey, Paul Logue (NIEA) & Emily [posing for the Derry Journal photographer..]

The team! 
laying down the terram before the backfilling starts tomorrow morning

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  1. So sorry to see you all go. We enjoyed visiting the site a few times and appreciated your answering all sorts of questions with patience and interest. Best wishes for the future and we look forward to the final report. God bless, Frankie & Eleanor.