Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Day 18

Not a bad day - two coins! One of copper alloy and the other of silver. Both were heavily corroded and no writing or images could be discerned. The silver coin had been cut in half. It was white when it came out of the ground and then oxidised rapidly and turned purple.

the silver coin
the copper alloy coin
We also excavated the hearth and lifted the cut and dressed stone. The stone is chamfered (for a doorway or window?) and has several scratchings and cut marks and what appears to be an incised 'A' - a possible masons mark or graffiti?


We continued to excavate down through the box-trench and are still turning up medieval pottery and animal bone. Towards the end of the day we uncovered a cut feature at the southern end of the trench which we will investigate further tomorrow.

The trench around noon before we lifted the cut stone

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