Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Potastic Day

The theme of today was lots of medieval pottery and multiple different types. Cormac confirmed the identity of the green-glazed sherds we found yesterday as being Scottish greyware and medieval in date (14th to15th century) while the two sherds of everted rimware (see previous two blog entries) he dated to the latter end of the tradition and of a probable 16th-17th century date-range.

The prize potsherd found today was a rim sherd and top of a handle with a sculpted face: two eyes, a beard and a mouth (a monk?). There was also a circular impression on the top of the 'head'. Dermot also found a corroded metal key.


We continued to mattock downwards, and to hoist and sieve buckets of spoil. We have worked down through a couple of different layers in our box-trench with no discernible features present but also with no tobacco pipe stems or musket shot or post-medieval pottery present. The absence of these finds and presence of medieval pottery throughout suggests that we must be in deposits dating to the phase of the Augustinian monastery.

 Linda Canning and Grace hoisting buckets of spoil

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  1. John is champing at the bit and ready to go! He had withdrawal symptoms these last two days!