Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Day 3: Wednesday 5th June

Another fantastic day weatherwise on site! We were joined again today by some of the volunteers from yesterday, and the digging continued.

Great progress in Trench 1

The bulk of the work today was carried out in trench 1, continuing the excavation of the rubble fill in the interior of the flanker, and the investigation of the features surrounding. More of the masonry was exposed, as well as another wall coming off from the side of the flanker. Due to rubble and soil still obscuring the interface between the two, it is not yet clear what the relationship is between them. This will be one of the questions we will hope to be answering in the coming days!

Work was also continuing in trench 2. The trench was cleaned up and photographed, and the recording process was begun, in preparation for it being drawn tomorrow. As it stands, we have a wall as well as some rubble/tumble which is very likely related to it.

Trench 2

By the end of day, we can safely say the trenches are getting deeper, the spoil heaps bigger, and we are headed in the right direction! Thanks to our volunteers Gregory and Marketa for working so hard and maintaining interest in the archaeology despite the heat.

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