Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Day 2 & a visit from the Lesser Spotted Culture crew

After a lot of hard work and sweating by all, the flanker is showing its shape nicely; we are currently working through layers of collapsed rubble material and broken brick which surround it and, judging from associated artefact material, are all 19th to 20th century. A very interesting discovery is a line of shale-like stone which is slowly emerging from layers outside of the flanker wall. These remain a mystery to all but will hopefully be better understood as the dig progresses.

Another great discovery of the day is a stone wall which is gradually being uncovered in the second trench which was opened this morning. This could potentially be related to the flanker as part of a 17th century bawn. Alternatively it could be forming part of much later garden features at the site. Hopefully time will tell.

This afternoon we also had a visit from Joe Mahon who spoke to staff and volunteers and filmed a segment of the excavation for use in his Lesser Spotted Culture series which is due to be aired later in the year.

A good day was had by all and great thanks are extended to our volunteers; Ciaron McCloskey, Gregory Maguire, Marketa Hoppova, Pearl Austin and Pat McGuigan, for all their exceptional hard work and assistance.

getting a helping 'paw' from Muppy

Our volunteers and Lesser Spotted Culture crew

The flanker wall, mystery line of stones on the left

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